Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You made US proud..

Mr Barrack Husein Obama recent victory in the presidential election had cheered a lot of people around the world particularly the Hawaiians, Kenyans, Indonesians, Obama district residents of Japan and of course Iraqis and Afghans.
He is different and the people love him."The change we need" shall likely serve the Americans as well as the international communities.
Obama talked his mind, confronted criticism and the people want something more. The real Obama has been potrayed continuosly by the media and he has indeed an amazing cv, his history trailer showed us the modern day colours of diversification. This man linked to numerous type of biological and geographical backgrounds, religions, communities, educations and careers. He ia an American, African, Asian, a Christian with Muslim early environment, a Harvard academician, a lawyer, a politician and etc. The new president has every slice of different values and this had simply made him a unique 21st century leader.
His past built him, his vision leads him. Mr Obama, have a good day ahead at the White House. We hope that the change you have promised shall begin very soon despite the country's economic turmoil.
How will Obama play saviour, we'll see...

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